Why teach?…

Often I think as educators we get so caught up in the chaos of every day – marking, meetings, lesson plans, reports, taking the roll, uniform checks, etc etc. – that it’s so easy to loose sight of why we are here in the first place. People come to teaching for a whole range of reasons, from all walks of life. I think it’s truly a catch-all profession and I love this because I think it adds to the diversity of perspectives that students can be exposed to in schools.

So today, as the school year in Taiwan is drawing to close and I am facing exam marking, grades to enter, and reports to write, I am reminding myself why I teach. And it’s not because I’m a sucker like this guy…


1. To give back.
I benefitted from some truly incredible teachers who had a huge impact on my life. These role-models showed me the potential for education – and great educators – to impact people’s lives in a significant way. I believe that education has the power to change the world & make it an even better place by empowering young people to do great things. If I can pass on even a shred of the positivity and inspiration some of my teachers showed me, I’ll be happy.

2. Love of learning.
One of my very favourite parts of teaching is the fact that I am continually learning! I love expanding my knowledge and learning knew skills and nuggets of information. One of the things I hope to express in my classes, and foster in my students, is this passion for being a life-long learner.

3. Young people are awesome!
Every day I am impressed by the young people I get to work with. They are so interesting and full of so much potential, it’s exciting to be a part of their journey.

So for those of you finishing up the semester, term, or year, I encourage you to take some time to remind yourself; why teach?…


Soldier on educators!

What brought you to teaching? And more importantly, what keeps you going?

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